August, 2020 Editor’s Message

I think we are all sick and tired of Covid-19 at this point. I pray daily that the virus goes away soon, or a safe vaccination is developed so that we can live our lives freely again. Until that happens, please take care to be careful and safe in your everyday excursions.

This slowdown has made us all stop and appreciate the little things in life, like the beautiful hummingbirds that we see in Westbrook Village. Check out the article on the Rufous Hummingbird on page 25.

Every day I make a gratitude list. This list helps me keep a positive outlook even amid this pandemic. We have so much to be grateful for in this country. If you live in Westbrook Village, your standard of life is better than 90% of the world. We have sunshine, golf courses, recreation, and great neighbors. So much to be thankful for today. If you are feeling down, make a list of 5 things you are grateful for every day. It will change your outlook.

On page 24, read about Bill Sandvig, an original posse member that dedicated thousands of volunteer hours to keep our community safe. Thank you, Bill, for all you have done. We are grateful for your service.

I am also grateful for Chaplain Greg’s reminder on page 8 of the seasons in life. This season will soon pass, and another will begin. I love his inspirational message every month and I hope you do too.

Last month my husband and I made a road trip to Wyoming to visit his parents in the small town of Big Piney. Life in a small town is so different, but another reminder to slow down the pace we keep every day in the big city. Social distancing is the norm there. On my morning bike rides, I saw antelope, deer, and many species of birds too. The beauty of this country is all around us, we just need to look for it.

Peace and love to you and yours, Lori

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