Editor’s Message November 2023

There is so much to do this month!

Each year, November rolls around and I am excitedly looking forward to the Veterans Appreciation Dinner. Celebrating and honoring veterans is a great way to express gratitude for their service. The list of WV Veterans is long, and I see so many veterans I know and respect (see list on pages 10-11). Don’t forget to thank them for their service!

I also look forward to the holiday shopping opportunities this month with Second Sunday Marketplace and the Arts and Crafts Fair (page 17 for details). These holiday shopping opportunities offer a chance to find unique gifts and decorations for the festive season as well as support our resident artists.

Attending stage productions is also a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit. The Village Players’ production of “Wild Ride” sounds like it’s going to be an exciting start to the season. Be sure to mark your calendar and order your tickets in advance to secure your spot for these amazing holiday productions (page 28).

The golf courses have been overseeded and everyone is excited to be playing again. I now realize how addictive golf can be. I must say that everyone at the WV Golf Club has welcomed me as a new golfer, so if you are thinking of joining, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy all the activities and events that November has to offer in fabulous Westbrook Village and have a truly blessed Thanksgiving season!

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