Editor’s Message June 2023

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit under.”
~ Proverb of Unknown Origin

While we discover ways to stay cool in this warmer weather, it is fun to reminisce about how this vibrant community got its start. It is so fun to know about Fran Briggs and how Phase 1 of Westbrook Village blossomed back in the early 80’s (page 28). Over the next few issues we will continue that journey down memory lane, so stay tuned for more WV history.

Father’s Day is on Sunday, the 18th, and we love the opportunity to thank our dads for who they are, or were, in our lives. My dad, Jack Reiland, was a gentle giant with a booming voice and a huge heart. He always encouraged me, and I am sure that I would not have my work ethic, nor my love of people, if it weren’t for his guidance. Unfortunately, he was gone way too soon.

Make sure to turn to Mark Branlund’s Veteran Treasure story on page 8. It is fascinating to read about the many experiences and history of our veterans. Thank you for your service, Mark!

Pickleball, at every age, continues to grow in popularity and is a great sport for people getting together to play and be part of the fun (page 12). I am always so impressed by the Golden Geezer Pickleball Club and what an active force it continues to be in this community too (page 17).

The folks at the Lapidary and Beading studio are making stunning jewelry–and the group is having fun doing it. Newcomers are welcome! (page 27). Also, there is also a valuable update in the Helping Hands listing, so don’t miss reading it on page 38. Remember that many WV clubs continue to meet throughout the summer months, so check out the listings on pages 22 and 23 and reach out to the contacts listed there for more information.

The Westbrook Village Golf Club is accepting donations to plant trees and beautify the community (page 4). What better legacy to leave than a tree you may never sit under?

Have a wonderful June, and Happy Father’s Day!

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