Editor’s Message November 2020

“When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.” ~Tecumseh

I love WV Veterans. Over the course of the past 26 years, it has been my privilege to get to know many of them. We have lost some, and we have seen new veterans arrive at this treasured community. Learn about the hardships and wins of two of our Korean War Vets, especially remembering one of them, a precious one so recently gone from us (page 10).

Enjoy reading about the life of WV’s very own Veteran Club President, Garry Horton (page 11). Peruse the list of more than 400 WV Veterans. Please let us know if you notice a veteran not listed there.

Our newest grandchild. Life is sweet

page 8, Chaplain Greg Olson explains how Thanksgiving came to be a holiday in the United States and reminds us that we all need to find a reason to be thankful. Even amid one of the worst years in the history of our country, we can find things to be grateful for today. I am thankful: for every time my granddaughter tells me she loves me, for the privilege of working in such a beautiful setting as Westbrook Village, for our advertisers that make this magazine possible, and for Judy Carrucciu, and the good job she does putting it all together for us.

Please take a moment to ponder, “What am I thankful for this month?” Find gratitude, and you will find happiness and joy.


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