May, 2020 Editor’s Message

There is nothing more invigorating than to drive down Westbrook Parkway and see it bustling with golf carts, walking residents, and eager bike riders. Such a scene confirms what we all know about Westbrook Village: it is a fantastic place to live and thrive. And the beauty is that April found this same happy scene in the midst of a national crisis. WV residents were able to find joy and continued encouragement in simple activities and creative inspiration, while the world maneuvered through changing information and expectations due to COVID-19.

This issue will cheer you with stories of how your neighbors stayed in good spirits around the community. You will also enjoy reading how the City of Peoria is supporting local small businesses during this season (page 6), and then take a trip back through history with two of our very own Korean War veterans (page 10). Get inspired by WV resident and photographer, Tanju Bayramoglu, and how he sees our world, one frame at a time (page 14). It will make you smile to read about the simple pleasures and helpful endeavors that many partook in order to boost morale and keep busy (pages 12 and 20).

If you are heading out of state during the warmer months, make sure to take advantage of our summer subscription service. That way you won’t miss out on all the great happenings right here in Westbrook Village!

Thank you for your readership!
Be well!

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