Editor’s Message June 2022

“In early June, the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”
John Steinbeck, The Winter of our Discontent.

June is here already and brings with it the promise of summer vacations and time spent up north in cooler climates. Our lifecycle in Peoria is so much different than in other parts of the United States—they look forward to summer and we look forward to winter! We tend to slow down our pace a little and rise early to take advantage of the cooler mornings for our activities. I love riding my bike, but this time of year I start much earlier.

What do you love to do in the summer? It sure seems like the heat doesn’t slow down the golfers or the pickleball players at all. Rise early and join the fun to be had in Westbrook Village! Make sure you check out all the fun the Pickleball Club is having on page 22.

Me with my beloved dad many years ago

Happy Father’s Day to all the Westbrook Fathers, Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers! So many of you leave a legacy of love for many generations. I always think about my dad and how much he believed in me and supported me in life. I unfortunately lost him to cancer when I was still in college, and I don’t think a year goes by that I don’t miss him and wish he had been able to enjoy his retirement. Luckily, my big brother has been much like a dad to me, and I have had several father-figures through the years. We can learn from and be shaped by many people in our lives if we allow the connections.

In this month’s issue we feature our first-place winner of the Essay Writing Contest, Mary Ellen Stepanich. Her short story suggests that our positive thoughts are felt in the Universe, and they come back to us in the form of positive connections. This is a must-read story on page 17.

If getting up early and battling the heat is not your thing, join talented artists like Margo Nicastro in the fine arts building. See her story on page 19.

I hope you enjoy this June and get to spend Father’s Day feeling loved by your Family.


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