April, 2020 Editor’s Message

We are all going through a season of some uncertainty. There is a lot that we see via media that can make us unsure of what to do. But the truth is we each have strength inside us that will carry us through this season. The good news is: this too shall pass.

Let’s be a part of encouraging each other instead of focusing on the negative news. In the midst of remaining wise and aware, we can be a source of positive input for each other, while we wait this season out. For example, give your neighbor a phone call and let them know you saw two hummingbirds at your feeder. Or maybe you watched a good who-done-it movie that you thought would be fun to share about. Or plant the seed packets you have in your drawer so you can have some blooms in early summer. Facetime family members out of state so they can enjoy a virtual visit with you.

But most of all do whatever it takes to stay light and keep some joy. Worry and fear drag us down, and don’t serve us very well. Let’s each purpose to keep our hearts in tune with our faith, our love, and our relationships. After all, those are the beautiful things life is made of.

There are WV events that may be re-scheduled or cancelled, so please make sure to note them throughout this issue.

Thank you for your readership!
Be well!

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