WV Living Magazine Editor Lori Reiland

WV Living Magazine Editor Lori Reiland

Editor’s Message August 2021

August in the Valley of the Sun brings with it much-needed monsoon rain but even more sweltering heat, too. By this time of the year, we are all really tired of the heat. What a perfect time for a road trip! On page 12, see some suggestions for an Arizona getaway. There are many cool places to visit within just a few hours drive. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Wyoming this summer and deeply appreciated the weather, scenery, wildlife, and a much slower pace of life. It is always good to come back home to beautiful Peoria though.

On page 8, gain some inspiration from Chaplain Greg in his article “Opportunity in Adversity.” I too have found this to be true in my life. Seems like adversity always makes me stronger.

We are so grateful that all facilities will open at Westbrook Village on August 1. I think we underestimated our need to be connected and involved. Many of us experienced loneliness and isolation during the pandemic. Hopefully, we can get back to all or normal activities with our friends and neighbors. Get out and try something new and invite a neighbor! On page 26, read about Steve Rommel’s fitness training. It is a great time to get in shape. Throughout the magazine you will see lots of new opportunities to get involved or volunteer.

Congratulations to Al and Carolyn DeFuria on their 74th wedding anniversary (page 33). They have been married longer than I have been alive—that’s a long time to be happily married!

Stay cool, take a road trip, get involved, volunteer and have some fun this month! See you in September,

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